Photo-book Teaser

Photo-book Teaser

The DVD release of Likido (September 8, 2010) comes with a photo-book that features about the film, casts and behind the scenes or the making of the film. Below is the sneak peek of the photo-book.

The two pictures below were part of the photobook and were released earlier on its facebook fanpage for promotional purposes.


About likidomovie

Likido is a short drama film about two siblings who fought of poverty despite of their father’s vices. Because of eagerness in love and care of family, the two siblings worked diligently and try to live life to the fullest. The film garnered 5 nominations and won 3rd Best Short Film at the 1st Grand Soma 2010. It also has 6 nominations for Gawad Astig awards.
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4 Responses to Photo-book Teaser

  1. mayimanga says:

    Mayi Manga will supprt Likido Movie! 🙂

  2. haunara says:

    anq cute nq palabas nio!!

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